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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans


The most thoughtful decision you could make...... How planning your funeral brings peace of mind.

Comfort, reassurance, freedom from worry and stress - these are the benefits mentioned by almost everyone with a Golden Charter funeral plan. They're ordinary people, just like you, perhaps, who have given some thought to the future. More than 350,000 people in Great Britainhave planned their funerals. Many through losing loved ones, have known the grief of bereavement - the distress of selecting the funeral arrangements, as well as the financial anxiety. Sometimes they worry about how their sons, daughters or even grandchildren will cope at the time of their own funeral.

Consideration for others is the most common reason for buying a Golden Charter plan. Peace of mind is the most common benefit. For with Golden Charter you know that you're loved ones will be spared much of the burden of bereavement. You'll have specified every detail of the funeral in advance, selected the funeral director and taken care of the costs.

No matter how much funeral costs may rise in the future, neither you nor you're loved ones will ever be asked for a penny more for the funeral directors charges. Unless you change the arrangements, once you have paid for your Golden Charter plan, that's it. There are no membership charges, no hidden extras or loose ends. In recent years funeral expenses outstripped inflation, mainly because of rising cemetery and crematorium costs and fees to doctors and clergy. With Golden Charter you can cover the bulk of these charges in advance, so there is little if anything to pay at the time of need.

You can be sure your money will always be secure. Your payment goes directly to the Golden Charter trust, which holds the money for your funeral on behalf of the participating funeral directors. This is why the funeral director is able to provide a legally binding contract, which guarantees that your funeral arrangements will be carried out exactly as you wish when required.

The trust fund is a separate legal entity from GOLDEN CHARTER. In the unlikely event of something untoward effecting the company, the Fund would still continue indefinitely, Until every plan had been carried out and payment made to the funeral director.

On past evidence a Golden Charter plan is better value than High - Interest building society accounts and funeral expenses policies.


Would you do better to put your money in a building society? The answer is a definite no. In recent years funeral expenses have increased in excess of inflation. Crematoria were required to install new equipment to comply with E C regulations. Cemetery costs have also risen because of diminishing availability of burial facilities. Such costs are not within the control of the funeral director.

What about "funeral expenses policies" offered by insurance companies?

They have several disadvantages - principally they don't guarantee to cover the funeral costs or allow you to specify arrangements. If you are in reasonable health, you may well end up paying much more in premiums than the insurance company will ever pay out. Unlike these policies, a Golden Charter plan will pay for every detail of the funeral that you specify.

Golden Charter gives you the freedom to select any funeral director you wish. SOME FUNERAL planning companies may restrict your choice of funeral director. This could be distressing to the bereaved. It might mean having to travel some distance to a firm not known to the family.

With Golden Charter you can be content in the knowledge that your wishes will be carried out by someone you know and trust. We are an independent, British owned and run company, as are most of the funeral directors who offer our services, there are over 2,100 such funeral directors across the country - local independent family firms, committed to upholding the traditional high standards and caring service that are the hallmarks of the British Funeral Profession.