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Memorial Stones

What makes a memorial?

A memorial is a traditional way of paying tribute to a relative or friend who has died. It is a permanent symbol of remembrance, so it is important that its design and the company producing it should be carefully chosen. Memorials may take many forms. This range concerns those erected in cemeteries or churchyards. Such memorials need to withstand all kinds of weather for many years, be of strong and durable material, take a permanent carved inscription (and possibly additional ones in later years) be capable of shaping and ornamentation and harmonise with the environment of the cemetery or churchyard.

Natural stone materials (i.e. stone, slate, marble and granite) have been found over centuries to have these qualities. That is why memorials are supplied by stone masons, monumental or memorial masons specialising in this type of work.

What you may choose

Cemetery and churchyard authorities nearly always have guide-lines for types of memorials they will admit.

Certain varieties of stone are more appropriate in some places than others, not only for their appearance but because of the effects of weather and local conditions. There are also limits to designs of memorials that are acceptable - your memorial mason can advise you about local attitudes and rulings.

Most people find its simpler to choose from a selection of designs on display offered by the mason, and this has the advantage of showing clearly in advance how the work will look when it is finished. However, if you require a more individual memorial, a reputable mason will be pleased to design this for you.

How to select a memorial mason

Cremation memorials

Your first choice may be a company recommended by a friend or relative, but in any event it is advisable to go to a company with a good local reputation, well established and specialising in monumental masonry.

Many cemeteries and churchyards have sections where cremated remains are placed, and memorials may be erected in commemoration.
Your Choice (subject to cemetery or churchyard regulations)

Inscriptions and Verses - small selection below Peace Perfect Peace Safe in God's keeping Rest in Peace / R.I.P. Hearts that loved will never forget To live in the hearts we have loved, is not be die To have, to love, and then to part, is the greatest grief of the human heart Resting in Gods Garden Gone is the face we loved so dear, Silent is the voice we loved to hear My love and memories will never fade God bless At rest Safe in the arms of Jesus A warmly smile, a heart of gold, no better mother this world could hold Gone from our home, but not from our hearts No longer with me my life to share, but in my heart you are always there.

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